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The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide For 2020

Video marketing has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes. It is indispensable, irreplaceable and simply too important for businesses of all kinds. Why you ask?

Did you know that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text? This is one of the primary reasons why 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands.

However, we understand that video marketing can be overwhelming and honestly a little terrifying to figure out how to start this process.

Don’t sweat it. We’ve created this compact, step-by-step guide for you, that will hold your hand and initiate you into the exciting but seemingly overwhelming world of video creation and video marketing.

Let’s get started!

The Plan of Action

Step 1: The content plan

Alright, pay attention now, because this is where it gets interesting!

One very fascinating concept in sales and marketing is that of the sales funnel. An inverted triangle with a top, middle, and bottom.

At the top, there are those who don’t know of your business yet. We like to call this the Stage of Awareness.

The middle consists of those who are still researching before spending their money. These people are currently in the Stage of Consideration.

Those at the bottom are screaming “take my money” and are completely convinced to buy from you. These folks right here are at the final stage, which we call the Stage of Purchase.

The content needs for each of these categories are different, as they should be. Based on this categorization, you can devise your content plan, which will cater to each specific category of people, separately.

Let’s go one by one!

Attention – For those on the top who are blissfully unaware of your business, you require their attention. So you make a few snackable videos to draw their attention to your brand. What the heck are snackable videos? You’ll find out soon below.

Clicks – You have their attention, what next? Ideally, you would want them to visit your website now, which would require them to click on the ad. Offer up a video-ad and track the number of clicks you get to your site. If they are high, keep doing what you are doing, if not, regroup and shuffle it up.

Conversions – The ultimate aim of any marketing campaign? Conversions. At the end of the day, you are looking to make sure your products sell better.

Draft the perfect offer to make sure that your product sells and you are able to convert clicks to sales. We’ll teach you how!

Got your own sales funnel to fill now? Great! But here’s some important advice before you begin.

Do not chase perfection, because it is futile. Try to produce as much content as you can, while maintaining some basic guidelines, and keep iterating. Soon you’ll find unique content pegs that work wonders for you!

Be open to experimentation!

Step 2: The offer

Done and dusted with the content plan? Perfect, let’s get on with the next part.

If you are a business that is interested in video marketing, your primary aim would naturally be to convert a potential customer into a paying customer.

For that to happen, you have to present them with an offer that is simply too tempting to refuse.

So, how do you draft the perfect offer for your products? Let’s find out!

Let’s conduct a simple exercise. Go to any social media platform that you currently use, and study the first ad that you come across on that platform. Inevitably you will notice that in most cases, it will have the following three types of offers:

Download – Examples include Checklists, Ebooks, Guides, Applications, Plugins, etc.

Discounts – Examples include Coupons, Free Trials, Bundle Sales etc.

Destination – Examples include Event, Webinar, Training, Demo, Consultation, etc.

You can access many more Offer templates like the ones above on InVideo.

The moment you click on any of these offers, you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to provide your email address.

What good are email ids, you ask? Well, this is when you establish the initial communication with your potential customers, where you introduce them to your brand.

Remember, the real money is in the follow-up. But you can’t follow up unless you have an email address, to begin with.

Once you have the perfect offer, you can start sending out emails.

Now the most important part of this step is to create an appealing landing page, which would serve up the offer to your potential customers on a silver platter.

The basic anatomy of a landing page is minimal. It usually has a headline and sub-headline on the top left corner, a supporting video to go with it and most importantly, a well-highlighted area for the visitors to type in their email address.

Here are two examples of what a good landing page looks like:

Step 3: Snackable videos

We have all our basic ingredients ready, let’s now learn how to prepare our snackable videos!

Now here is the truth – 33% of viewers will stop watching a video after 30 seconds, 45% by one minute, and 60% by two minutes.

With snackable videos, we try to quickly draw the viewers’ attention and keep them hooked as long as we can.

What these videos achieve is a massive boost in the follower count of your page, and frankly, that’s an incredible asset to have. The higher the number of people aware of your brand, the higher the chances of actual leads!

So here is a simple formula to remember when making such a video:

The first half could contain an interesting statistic, or a quick fact about the industry, or maybe a tutorial. The last few seconds of the video should simply display your brand name and logo.

You can easily create these videos using any of InVideo’s quick templates within minutes.

The InVideo team have put together a few video marketing ideas for a number of different industries, looking to create their own snackable videos.

Step 4: Video ads

Remember how we served you a perfect recipe for your snackable videos?

Well, you guessed it right! We have a similar tried and tested formula for creating video ads.

Once you have the viewers’ attention, serve them a video ad that presents both a problem and a subsequent solution.

What is now left is to just show them the final offer, post the ad.

So the formula goes:

The team at InVideo have put together a few video marketing ideas for a number of different industries, looking to create their own video ads.

Step 5: Upload and take videos live

Once you have your videos ready, you just have to upload them for people to find on the internet.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to upload your snackable videos on Facebook:

Once it is up, you can check various stats by going back to your video. These include average watch time, minutes viewed, audience engagement and many more.

These stats will help you track how well your snackable videos are performing on social media!

Step 6: Promote and tell the world!

The war is almost won but hold on, there’s one more thing to be done. You have to promote your videos.

For quite some time now, the organic reach of posts has been steadily declining. The average organic reach of a Facebook post is 5.5%. Paid reach, by comparison, reaches 26.8% of the total audience.

It has been firmly established that people are spending more than ever on ads and that they are delivering the desired results.

Are you wondering at this point, how to boost your viewership?

The right way to boost isn’t just to get anyone and everyone to watch your ad. What is ideal is to specifically target niche audiences who you know will be genuinely interested in your ad.

You can experiment with the demographic customization options and according to your product and its target audience, pick the kind of people who would be most likely to watch your ad.

For example, if you have just opened a cool new cafe in Amsterdam which would really appeal to young people, then you should run your ad targeting people who live close by, and who are in the age range of 15-30.

Believe it or not, location-based ad targeting has been a favorite tool for marketers for quite some time now.

The trick to remember when running ads is to reach out to an audience that has already seen your snackable videos. Otherwise, they would not be able to relate to or recognize your ad. This is why Facebook’s audience customization options are a perfect match for your needs.

The audience customization option lets you create your custom audience via different sources like your website, Instagram account or through videos you have posted on the site and more.

You can then set different parameters based on the source you have chosen, and Facebook will create a custom audience for you. The next time you are running an ad, you can specifically run it just for your custom audiences.


Phew! We made it to the end. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

We have provided you with all the ammunition and know-how you need, to craft a successful video marketing campaign. We can’t stress this enough: don’t get hung up on getting the perfect video ad or the perfect caption. Just follow the framework we’ve discussed above and aim towards getting your first round of marketing videos in place and take them live!

Guest author: Matt Ballek is a veteran digital marketer with over 15 years of experience, working with brands like Google, AT&T, Lowes, PBS; as well as small businesses and individuals.

This content was originally published here.


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