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Local Guides Connect – Re: Dinner with Google Map Team in Kanpur – Local Guides Connect

If you want to host your own Meet-ups please follow the link. But before that, I recommend you reading this post How to Organize a Local Guides Meet-Up which gives you helpful ideas on the types of activities you can plan and some guidance and tips for helping you organize a successful event for yourself and the Local Guides in your area!

Please follow this link to learn more about What are your tips for first-time meet-up hosts? You will notice a ton of tips for persons like you that are interested in planning a Meet-up.

I see that you haven’t been active for quite some time on Connect. To share a bit about yourself and get to know other fellows in Connect you can visit our monthly Introduce Yourself – January 2020 section.

Due to the volume of private messages Google Moderators receive, I do not read or respond to private messages. Please post publicly so others may benefit from your discussion. If you require urgent assistance, please tag a Google Moderator. Thank you!

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