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Getting Started With SMS Marketing For eCommerce

As an eCommerce, you have to have a marketing strategy that works to keep your business profitable. You also know that it’s always possible to do better, and that’s why you should consider capitalizing on SMS marketing.

Taking your marketing up a notch

A sprinkling of SMS can shake up your marketing just enough to make a stronger impression on your customers. Think of it like this: You can prepare many meals using nothing more exotic than salt and pepper. But if you want to really spice things up, you need to add something more to your ingredient list.

That’s how SMS heightens the impact of your overall marketing strategy. It’s an ingredient that packs a powerful punch like cayenne pepper. As related in Benefits of SMS Marketing for eCommerce, this can be a huge advantage for getting your marketing messages noticed, though it is not something that should be used too much.

Some like it hot, and for customers like that, it may be possible to use SMS marketing more frequently. For those who like a cooler approach, you’d only use it for very special occasions like an exclusive flash sale that occurs only once a season. Then there are those in the middle who would like an occasional message, perhaps once a month.

One frequency does not fit all, and that’s where an understanding of your customer segments comes into play in planning out how to add SMS marketing to your existing marketing messaging.

If you haven’t done it yet, now’s a great time to give SMS marketing a try because Remarkety is offering a special promotion. Contact us for more details.

Getting started with SMS marketing is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Get customers to opt-in

Encourage your customers to share their cell numbers and opt in to your text messages. Be sure you have a clear opt-in that complies with whatever regulations are in place for your customers, whether that is GDPR or CCPA. See How To Combine SMS And Email Marketing for tips on how to do that.

2. Set your goals and KPIs

You have to be clear on what you intend to accomplish when using SMS marketing. Set the KPIs for the campaign. It could be a better recovery rate for abandoned carts, an increase in a percentage of sales, or an engagement goal as defined by clicking a tracked link in the text.

3. Don’t go it alone

Even if you have no experience in SMS yourself, you can tap into the expertise of those who do by using Remarkety’s service. It can provide just the guidance and support you need to successfully launch your SMS marketing campaign and create a plan based on best practices. Just as importantly, it will help you assess the effectiveness of your campaign so that you can be sure of the figures that demonstrate ROI.

Now there’s no reason to stick to the same old. It’s easy to get started. Now’s the time to add another tool to your repertoire of communication. With the help of the experts at Remarkety, you can eliminate all risk and reap all the benefits of integrating your email and SMS marketing communication.

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