​Reputation Marketing – The 900 lb Gorilla

Why You should be concerned about the reputation of your business?

Like Social Media, No business can afford to ignore Reputation Marketing. In fact, Social Media and Reputation Marketing are hand in hand directly impacting any businesses for the good or the bad.

What is the biggest shift in consumer buying in the last 20 years? Answer: Reputation!  Do customers really trust your business? Because after a tremendous amount of studies done over the last few years, one of the question related to reputation was asked to the surveyed customers – “How many reviews do you look up before making a decision?” And astonishing enough, it’s not just a few, it is at least ten (10) 5-Stars reviews and an average over 4.0 stars.

So if your business doesn’t have at least 10 great reviews online or does not boost a rating over 4 Stars, you will not be considered as a reliable business and your potential customers will buy from your competition.

The bottom line is without a rating over 4 Stars and at least ten (10)  5-Star reviews, your business isn’t trusted online!

If this is the case, do any advertise, you will be just wasting your money.  Fix your Reputation rating first, then plan to expand your business.  

What Does Reputation Marketing Involve?

Reputation Marketing marketing is the combination of three reputation functions: Manage, Build and Market.

Manage“.  Most businesses are somewhat familiar with the “Manage” aspect which is “make sure we do not get Bad Reviews” and obviously this is critical.   However, they often do not take care of the two other aspects.

Build” entails to have a system in place to systematically have customers provide reviews and  to deal with the negative reviews.
The Build is to assure that the overall rating of the business is above a 4 stars for many current reviews.
This gives the opportunity for a business to identify its strength and weaknesses and therefore to have the necessary inputs to improve the business model and practices.

Market” is the Big Reward. It ends-up to be one of the best asset of a business. What is better than a ‘Reputable Business”? Well, a properly “marketed Reputable Business”.
By advertising your business great reputation, you will attract and retain customers and potentially they will become fans and crusaders for your business. This is a Business holy grail.

Let have Us setup your reputation marketing

We can set you up with a very simple and effective way to manage, build and market your reputation at an affordable price to any business.


Synergize your Reputation Marketing with a Loyalty Program

Our reputation marketing system can be coupled with a loyalty program through which you can easily re-market to your (best) customers.  

Would you like to start a project with us?

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