Video And Display Ads

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What Are Video & Display Ads?

Video and Display Ads are the ads run on major web sites such as CNN, Fox, etc..They can been in print form or digital form.  They are very cost effective and can reach a very large audience.

Advantages of Video and Display Ads

Video Ad are used to promote a product or a service.  They are 60 seconds or less.  They should be published as commercial video  to Ad networks in order to get the expected benefits.  The typical Ad networks publishing Display Ads and Video Ads are seen on The Weather Channel, CNN, Fox, CNBC web sites and about 50 more places. 

Those commercials are  effective to not only promote your products/services but they also promote your business name and your brand in the mind of the consumers.

Very powerful and very cost effective compared to other forms of Paid Advertising. 

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