What Video Marketing should you use in your business?

There are many different types of Video marketing that can be used in your business.  We suggest to all businesses to have at least the three mandatory types

  1. Reputation Video
  2. Expose Video
  3. video Ads
  4. Personalized Video – Optional as they are better for specific industries

Check the sample provided below to understand what they are and why they should be used by every businesses.

Lets Review the various Video Marketing


Reputation Video are used to promote the great reputation of a business by featuring 5-Stars Reviews in the video.  Reputation is now key to a business success and by featuring prominently their 5 Stars Reviews, a business drastically increase their customer base potential


Expose Videos, also called Guru expose are used to promote the business expertise.  They feature the business owner providing 3 or 4 valuable tips or advise demonstrating their expertise.  Very powerful to impress and attract potential customers.


Video Ad are used to promote a product or a service.  They are 60 seconds or less.  They should be published as commercial video  to Ad networks in order to get the expected benefits.  The typical Ad networks publishing Display Ads and Video Ads are seen on The Weather Channel, CNN, Fox, CNBC web sites and about 50 more places.  Those commercials are  effective to not only promote your products/services but they also promote your business name and your brand in the mind of the consumers.

Very powerful and very cost effective compared to other forms of Paid Advertising.   Find out more by contacting us.

Personalized Video

This type of Video is very powerful as it brings into the video personalized elements of the person viewing the video such as their name, city, picture, etc..

This is a great technology for Real Estate, Travel, Beauty industries and many more.

The personalized elements are related to the user social media accounts.

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